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We Offer cutlery polishing course, when it comes to perfectly cleaned and polished cutlery, the operators of large cafeterias and catering services apply the same high standards regarding functionality, performance and reliability we are used to from all our other customers. This is not an easy task, because frequently, cutlery coming out of the dishwasher still contains food residue and removal of this residual food as well as the subsequent drying and polishing of the cutlery requires a lot of time consuming manual labor.

  • Effective and efficient washing/cleaning of cutlery after use – even if food residues on the cutlery are already dry; with subsequent drying and spot-free polishing.
  • Cutlery of all types – from small pastry forks to large soup ladles.
  • Stainless steel and other high quality cutlery receives a high quality finish. For example, traces of oxidization and scratches are completely removed
  • Quick cleaning of cutlery, which often is the bottleneck during the cleaning process


Three treatment stages:

  1. Cleaning of the cutlery
    1. Mechanical cleaning in a mass of polishing media. Processing times are variable and depend on the degree of contamination. No pre-cleaning is required.
  2. Rinsing
    1. Final rinse after cleaning with fresh water
  3. Drying and polishing
    1. dryer with heated and germfree drying media

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